Frequently Asked Questions

We are not an authorized Apple service provider however, there are many issues we can address if you are using Apple products. Give us a call and tell us about your specific needs and maybe we can help!

If you have an urgent need, give us a call at (239) 351-5517 and we'll schedule the first available service call - usually the same day or within 24 hours. We do not charge any additional fees for "Rush" service.

Our rates are $95.00 per hour for residential service, and $120.00 per hour for small business service.

Yes. We can get you up and running with your Windows operating system. Give us a call at (239) 351-5517.

Most likely. Let us know if this is a machine for home or business use and what type of printer you have as well as the operating system you are using. (Windows 7, 10, 11, etc.) Click HERE to call or send us a message

Yes. Many computer issues can be resolved remotely. Give us a call to describe your needs. We can then determine if remote service is appropriate. We use very strong security protocols for logging into your equipment and once the remote session is ended, no one can log back in without your express permission. Our rate for remote service is $40.00 per half-hour.